Arthur, who is the Barcelona footballer who haunted Inter Milan

MILAN – “Don't you want to pay Lautaro's clause ? Give us Arthur . " This is the answer given by Inter to Barcelona but the Blaugrana do not want to deprive themselves of their new phenomenon.

Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo is considered unbelievable by Barcelona since for the Catalans he is the worthy heir of Xavi and Iniesta , not just any two players…

Barcelona wants Lautaro but does not want to sacrifice Arthur because it is not easy to find a footballer with his technical characteristics around.

The Blaugrana would like to take Lautaro without paying the rescission clause , which is more than one hundred million euros.

Barcelona are interested in an exchange transfer with Inter but without sacrificing the Brazilian midfielder.

The Spanish club would like to exchange Griezmann, a footballer not compatible with Messi, with Lautaro Martinez.

At Inter they do not consider this exchange feasible because the two players receive too different salaries

Lautaro earns "just" 1.5 million euros per season while Griezmann even collects 18 net per year.

Inter cannot make this transfer of transfer market because it would raise the total of 16.5 million euros and to meet the requests for increase in salary of the other players of the squad.

In the last hours, Arthur himself said "no thanks" to Inter during an interview with Filippo Maria Ricci for

" Inter are a great team, known all over the world, and have a great coach. I'm happy with your interest but I'm fine with Barcelona. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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