Rohan Dennis violates quarantine: “Coronavirus can suck my c …”

GIRONA (SPAIN) – Coronavirus quarantine has given Rohan Dennis the head .

His behavior caused a sensation because Dennis is a time trial world cyclist with Team Ineos (ex Sky ).

Dennis competes with the Australian team but lives in Spain, in Girona . After 34 days of quarantine , he succumbed to the call for freedom.

Dennis has not been caught and fined by the Spanish authorities but has denounced himself through a post that is being discussed on Instagram.

The cyclist shared photos of his car trip with his fans. He did not limit himself to this, he also added the following caption:

“Day 34, I got tired and left the house. Covid-19 you can suck my c … ".

The cyclist was harshly criticized by everyone for this stunt. As a public figure, he should set a good example .

His conduct also sent his team into a rage . With this behavior, Dennis also ruined the image of Team ineos .

The Australian cycling company is at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus through several beneficial fundraising initiatives .

For the Ineos Team it is unacceptable that its member behaves incorrectly and diametrically opposite.

Dennis has not yet apologized but a first step has done so: he has deleted his profiles on the various social platforms .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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