Antonio Insigne, death threats to the referee: disqualified for 4 days

Antonio Insigne, minacce di morte all'arbitro: squalificato per 4 giornate

Antonio Insigne

NAPLES – Antonio Insigne , brother of the captain of Napoli Lorenzo, was disqualified for 4 days by the sports judge after the expulsion remedied in the match between his team, Villa Literno, and the Boys Caivanese. The attacker, as reported by the Sports Judge, allegedly offended and threatened to kill the referee after his expulsion.

During Villa Literno-Boys Caivanese, match of the Campania Promotion Championship, Insigne was expelled. The striker, already admonished, was dismissed from the field by the referee for protests. From what can be seen from the report, Antonio Insigne "after being warned, turned to the referee at first offending him and subsequently threatening him with death". Even harder the "penalty" to serve for the coach in second of the Villa Literno Aniello Tamburino who "following the notification of the expulsion to the footballer Insigne, at first offended the referee and later threatened him with death". For him disqualification until March 2. (source: SPORT CAMPANIA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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