Antonio Conte says no to Rome: “There are no conditions”

Antonio Conte says no to Rome: "There are no conditions" (photo Ansa)

Antonio Conte says no to Rome: "There are no conditions" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport, Antonio Conte, the most sought-after coach in Italy, says no to Rome and breaks the heart of the Giallorossi fans: “I fell in love with Rome while attending the two years I was coach of the national team. At the Olimpico you feel the passion of this people who live football with a particular intensity, which for Rome is crazy. Who lives for Rome. A very passionate environment that surrounds you. Today the conditions are not there but I think one day, sooner or later, I will go to coach Roma ”.

A company that wants to count what it has to offer? "The experience I had abroad made me stronger and more complete. I would recommend it to any Italian coach. It's tough, but it gets better. Today, if someone calls me, I know that I have to do with my idea of ​​soccer and my method. I'm not a manager, I don't think a coach's goal is to do as little damage as possible. If they think this, companies don't call me. I find it humiliating for the category to hear such a thing. I want to affect, because I am very strict with myself. Then I have a problem: victory. That I feel like the goal of my work. The path to get there is made of work, sacrifice, unity of purpose, of thinking with us and not with the self. I don't know others. "

Does it also apply to Inter or Milan? "It applies to any team. I must have the perception that I can beat anyone. I have to feel that winning is possible. Otherwise, without problems, I can continue to remain still ”. Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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