Gattuso: “Bakayoko? I will face him in the locker room with words not repeatable on television … “

Gattuso: "Bakayoko? Lo affronterò nello spogliatoio con parole non ripetibili in televisione..."

Gattuso: "Bakayoko? I will face him in the locker room with words that cannot be repeated on television … "(Sky Sport still image)

MILAN – At the end of Milan-Bologna , a game that launched the Rossoneri to three points from the Champions area, Gattuso spoke about the Bakayoko case on Sky Sport microphones. The former Chelsea midfielder refused to enter the field and fought in front of everyone with Gattuso. The Rossoneri coach said that things like these are inadmissible. Gattuso said he will face Bakayoko in the locker room with a language that cannot be used on television.

Gattuso: "Bakayoko? No more quarrels on the bench. The derby ditched us ”.

Below are the statements made by the Milan coach to Sky Sport microphones in the Milan-Bologna 2-1 post game. "Important victory because we moved from fifth to sixth place to three points from the Champions League. We come from a mental and physical period not very bright. In these five days of punitive retreat the players looked at me with anger at my decision. But today they put this anger in the field and we won the game. At times like these we have to play in a simple way to win games.

I told Bakayoko to warm up but it took too long so I chose José Mauri. I have 27 players and I have to choose the ready ones. Bakayoko after 7-8 minutes had not yet put on the shin guards so I decided to field Mauri. During my long career, I sent many coaches to that country but then ended up in the field. They can tell me everything, the important thing is that they don't disrespect the whole locker room but they are things that we have to solve in the locker room.

I'll take Bakayoko four eyes in the locker room and face him with my tongue. I will say things that cannot be said on television. We came out with broken bones from the derby where there was another quarrel on the bench. It doesn't have to happen anymore. We have to spend all our energy on the field to win the games ".

The Gattuso article : "Bakayoko? I will face him in the locker room with words not repeatable on television … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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