Antonio Conte returns to the dispute with Capello: “Talking in front of the TV is easy”

Antonio Conte returns to the dispute with Capello: "Talking in front of the TV is easy"

Antonio Conte (photo ANSA)

MILAN – Antonio Conte , on the eve of the match against Atalanta (Saturday 8.45 pm), returns to the dispute on live TV with Fabio Capello at the end of Napoli-Inter. The former coach, in the studies of Sky Sport, had defined Inter coached by Conte as a team that "is very closed behind and makes good use of the counterattack". Words that had infuriated the Nerazzurri coach, immediately ready to reply that "the matches are to be seen, even if the beauty of football is that it is varied, not to say spoiled".

“I don't want to talk about these things: it is right for everyone to see football as they want to see it. We go on our way trying to give satisfaction to our fans, we leave the rest to the rest. There are many problems to solve and this is the least of my thoughts. It is true that we are the best defense but we are also the third best attack with one goal less than Lazio, otherwise we would be second. So, as you can see, the situation always depends on how you want to put it. Because talking in front of the television is easy. "

During the press conference there was also ample space to talk about the championship challenge with Juventus. "During a year – Conte said – there may be situations that sometimes lead to not expressing the full value of the squad, but I stick to the assessments at the beginning of the season and I repeat that, apart from Inter Milan, the others have added and not replaced. Usually, when you do this, the gap should increase towards us and instead we are doing an important job. The new ones have integrated well and there is a good feeling with those who were already there. Great teams are made over time and no one dreams with the magic wand to change everything overnight. I hope to have patience and time to do this for Inter ”. Source: SPORT JOURNAL.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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