Rome and Lazio, that’s why they play at home in the same round. The previous one from 1989

Roma e Lazio, ecco perché giocano in casa nello stesso turno. Quel precedente del 1989

The Olympic Stadium in Rome (photo ANSA)

ROME – Two games at the Olympic Stadium after only 24 hours. Saturday 11 January at 18 there is Lazio-Napoli , Sunday 12 January Rome-Juve (kick-off at 20:45). A historic event (or almost) since Rome and Lazio never play at home on the same championship day. The reason for this exception is to be found in the works scheduled at the Olimpico at the end of May in view of Euro 2020. The Roman stadium will in fact host some matches of the event, including Italy's inaugural match against Turkey.

Nothing historic though. As we said, the two Romans never play at home in the same round. Before today only on another occasion. The previous one dates back to 1989 but then the first to play (Saturday 18 February) was Roma (beaten by Pescara, Tita's hat-trick), while Lazio took the field the next day (0-0 with Cesena). There would be another previous one, more sensational. On December 31, 1955, in fact, at the Olympic stadium two Serie A games were played within a few hours: at 12:45 it was the turn of Rome-Atalanta, while at 14:30 the Napoli-Fiorentina took place, given that the San Paolo was disqualified.

Maximum alert for the arrival of guest fans

Two days of great football but also of maximum alert for the arrival of the guest fans. The arrival of Neapolitan fans in Rome inevitably brings to mind the tragic episode, in May 2014, which cost Ciro Esposito his life, when the young Napoli supporter was killed by Daniele De Santis before the Italian Cup final. The trip was not prohibited, but the ban on the sale of tickets to residents of Campania who are not in possession of the fan card has been laid down. A thousand blue fans are expected, in particular the Mastiffs, the historic organized group of Curva A del San Paolo, the same sector where Esposito went.

Both for tomorrow's match and for the match between Rome and Juventus, the commissioner of Rome Carmine Esposito today will develop all the latest security measures in a technical table.

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