Alessia Ferrante, the influencer dies at 37 years old during plastic surgery

BISCEGLIE – The Prosecutor of Bari has opened an investigation into the death of a 37 year old from Bisceglie, Alessia Ferrante , yesterday afternoon during a plastic surgery operation in a private outpatient clinic in Monopoli.

The woman, influencer and daughter of Renzo, manager of Bisceglie Calcio , would have gone into cardiac arrest immediately after the administration of the anesthesia .

It was the owner of the medical office who called for help. When the ambulance arrived, the 118 workers attempted in vain to revive.

The prosecutor on duty, Gaetano de Bari, ordered the seizure of the structure and will have an autopsy in the next few hours. The owner of the outpatient clinic is formally investigated for manslaughter .

The girl was remembered by Bisceglie Calcio through this post published on the social channels of the Apulian club:

The pain that hit the Ferrante family leaves all of us of the Calcio Union dismayed and pained.

"We hug in a hug to our fraternal friend Renzo and his family for the premature and sudden death of his beloved daughter Alessia ❤  ".

Before dying, a day ago, Alessia Ferrante updated her Instagram profile to write:

"To think that once on TV at this time, there was no" afternoon 5 "but" BIM BUM BAM ". Other times, another story … ".

This post, like all the others, had collected more than 1200 likes … it was Ferrante's last public statement before he died (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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