Zaniolo injury in Holland-Italy, bad knee sprain not operated on

Zaniolo went out with an injury in the 41st minute of the Netherlands-Italy, bad knee sprain not operated on.

Holland-Italy lasted only 41 minutes for Zaniolo, then the Roma player had to leave the pitch due to injury.

The Giallorossi player got hurt following a conflict with Van de Beek, a new signing from Manchester United.

Zaniolo took a bad blow on his right knee, then fell to the ground and touched his left knee.

As if it wasn't the blow that hurt him, but the way he positioned his left knee at the moment of the fight and the subsequent fall.

In any case, the blue baby was unable to continue the match and was forced to leave the field due to injury.

In his place, his friend, and former team-mate in the Under 21 team, Moise Kean, entered the field.

At the end of the game, the national doctor Enrico Castellacci spoke about the injury of the young player from Roma:

“It's a bad, unoperated knee sprain. Obviously, further medical examinations will be needed to fully understand the situation ".

Obviously Zaniolo will undergo further medical checks in the next few hours. Roma are apprehensive about their jewel as they are recovering from a serious knee injury.

In addition, the start of the championship is upon us and the Giallorossi are afraid of doing without one of their strongest players.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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