“Zaniolo as Rocca, lame de Roma”: the banner of Lazio fans. The ex-fullback’s daughter: “You suck me”

"Zaniolo come Rocca, zoppo de Roma": lo striscione dei tifosi della Lazio. La figlia dell'ex terzino: "Mi fate schifo"

"Zaniolo as Rocca, lame de Roma": the banner of Lazio fans (photo ANSA)

ROME – Bad taste episode on the eve of the Capital derby. During the night, some Lazio fans posted a banner in front of the Fulvio Bernardini technical center in Trigoria, where Roma trains, with the black inscription on a white field, " Zaniolo as Rocca … Zoppo de Roma ", and the image of a wheelchair for the disabled. The banner was then removed by Trigoria insiders.

“Whoever made that banner on Zaniolo is not a fan, he doesn't like football. It's not acceptable, "said Roma coach Paulo Fonseca at the press conference on the eve of the derby.

“Are you feeling better now? Do you feel stronger, bigger, smarter? Good for you. You suck me instead. And you suck at me not as Lazio but as human beings, individuals with whom I unfortunately share the belonging to the species. This is not about Rome and Lazio, what was written tonight outside Trigoria goes far beyond. It is proof of how sick today's society is that it can transform even a beautiful game like football, for which someone gave their life, in a sick place, where there is no solidarity, humanity but only violence ". It is the outburst of Chiara Rocca, daughter of the former idol of the Giallorossi fans Francesco Rocca, with a post on Facebook.

Francesco Rocca, the flag of Rome in the 70s, retired at just 26 years after a serious knee injury. And Zaniolo himself has just returned from surgery on his right crusader after injuring himself against Juventus. (source ANSA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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