“You’ll never walk alone” sung throughout the stadium, chills in Edinburgh VIDEO

You'll never walk alone Napoli-Liverpool video YouTube

You'll never walk alone sung by fans in Edinburgh (from YouTube)

EDINBURGH – Napoli feels the air of Europe and is exalted, beating Liverpool the Champions League winner 3-0. Before the game, the Liverpool anthem "You'll never walk alone" was sung by the entire Edinburgh stadium. Chills in the stands.

In Scotland, Ancelotti starts with the 4-2-3-1, and deploys a midfield with Callejon in the center, alongside Zielinski, waiting for Fabian Ruiz and Allan. Front, three-line with Verdi, Mertens and Insigne behind Milik. Klopp ranks many holders but keeps the Mané, Salah, and Firmino stars at rest and is struggling to materialize.

The Azzurri cover well, with Manolas working to fit into the defense mechanisms, steal the ball and start again. The strategy works: at 17 ′ Mertens invents a change of game for Insigne who points the goal and beats Mignolet with his shot to turn. The doubling with a ball recovered in midfield.

Insigne's gallop crossed to the area, where Milik slipped 2-0. In the second half Napoli prepares for the restarts and finds one at 7 'with Insigne who starts off guard and shoots. Mignolet deflects, but the ball ends up in Younes who signs the 3-0.

"We are interested in Pepé, the agents have been here in Dimaro, needless to hide it. The negotiations are in progress, let's see what happens ". This was stated by Carlo Ancelotti at a press conference during the withdrawal of Napoli. The agents of the Ivorian attacker from Lille arrived in the Trentino resort by helicopter and met the leaders of Naples.

"I met them – said Ancelotti – they were in our hotel. It is important to meet the agents to evaluate all the market hypotheses. They came different, even last week, there was one called James … Bond, "he added, laughing at the joke about James Rodriguez.

Ancelotti, answering a question about the Colombian, added: "The negotiations are all open. There is the will of Real Madrid to sell it and that of Naples to take it, there is neither optimism nor pessimism. It is among the players that interest us, let's see what happens ".

The YouTube video with "You'll never walk alone" sung by the entire stadium. A creepy atmosphere in Edinburgh (source: Ansa).

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