Verena Erlacher died at the age of 19, was a promise of Italian women’s football

Verena Erlacher

Verena Erlacher died at the age of 19, was a promise of Italian women's football

BOLZANO – Verena Erlacher died at age 19. Italian football player, offensive midfielder of Sudtirol Damen, was originally from Lagundo, near Merano (in the province of Bolzano). He wore the national team's shirt in youths, under 16 and 17, and played a Serie A championship with CF Alto Adige. She died in circumstances that have not yet been disclosed.

The National Amateur League expressed its condolences with a moving message on Instagram: "We want to remember you this way, with this contagious smile that you would have printed on your face every time you got on the pitch! Hi Verena! ".

"All of the CF Sudtirol Damen is close to the Erlacher family for the loss of their daughter Verena. We want to remember Verena with the smile, the joy and the passion that she knew to give us on and off the pitch. We would have liked to see her again with our colors but something bigger than all of us, time and life did not allow it. We salute her in the way that made her laugh when she repeated it after the first times she had heard him … hello aft! ", The last greeting of his team on Facebook.

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