Var, this time he smiles Rome, Genoa is crying. Precious: “Referee in bad faith”

Var, this time he smiles Rome, Genoa is crying. Precious: "Referee in bad faith"

Var, this time he smiles Rome, Genoa is crying. Precious: "Referee in bad faith"

ROME – Penalized against Inter Milan, saved at home against Genoa, for the Rome the pendulum of the Var (video assistant technology) has fluctuated on its side in the sixteenth day of Serie A. The president Genoa Preziosi the next day speaks without hesitations of "bad faith" of the referee, the malicious will say that the outburst of Totti a couple of weeks ago for the failure to use the Var has paid. Yesterday, in fact, a Roma still "sick" (the word of Mr. Di Francesco) managed to be right of an excellent Genoa capable of scoring two goals but not even get a point thanks to the support of video technology.

Better, lack of support. At the 4 minute of the second half an offside return of the attacker rossoblu Kouame difficult to sanction was found by the Var (referee Chiffi da Padova) after the goal followed by the second glaring duck Olsen. The referee Di Bello rightly cancels after long consultation. But when Pandev in the final race is pushed into the area by Florenzi at the time of striking Di Bello he trusts what he sees and does not grant to review the images.

"On such a resounding episode we could not not use the Var. The system is sick and wrong". The day after Roma-Genoa the president of the rossoblu club Enrico Preziosi is a fury: "I'm interested – he adds Sport to Radio – I was a game that we could win and we lost it. The referee refused to consult the Var and they have to explain why. This is bad faith, I'm sorry but the referee refused to analyze an obvious episode ".

"I'm sorry if I'll be deferred – adds Preziosi – but I have to say: there has been bad faith from the referee. The Var is an improper weapon: it's not a problem, but the problem is how you use it. When a captain asks the referee to check it must be taken into account and instead on the occasion of our goal the referee has waited a long time for the Var ".

Even Turin has complained. "With Juve we are particularly unlucky". Recalling episodes of the past with Juventus the president of Torino Urbano Cairo emphasizes that in the derby lost the Var had to take action on at least two occasions: "A fairly obvious with Matuidi on Belotti, the referee had to go and see the Var. the only ones to have been penalized, the same thing for the Genoa team in Rome and the Rome had happened with Inter ". If there is psychological subjection? "I think there is still".

The Var article , this time smiles Rome, Genoa cries. Precious: "Referee in bad faith" seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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