Transfer market, Messi to Manchester City: Aguero’s social clue

Transfer market, Messi approaches Manchester City: the social clue from Kun Aguero.

Messi could really move from Barcelona to Manchester City during this transfer market. A further clue is provided by Kun Aguero.

Meanwhile, it must be said that Aguero is not just any player in the eyes of Messi. The two forwards are close friends and form an extraordinary attacking pair in the national team.

Aguero would be the first to toast if Messi arrives at Manchester City. While waiting for all of this, he offered a social clue that no one missed.

Until a few hours ago, the Manchester City forward's social name was 'Kun Aguero 10'. Now the number 10 has disappeared and its name has remained only 'Kun Aguero'.

Who is the most famous number 10 in the world? But obviously Leo Messi. So this Kun's social update means he's ready to give him his number 10 shirt with no problem.

Also because Messi is for everyone 'Leo Messi 10' and also for commercial reasons he cannot give up his historic jersey number.

There are other problems, Kun has already let the whole world know that he is ready to give up his jersey in order to play with his teammate in a thousand matches in the national team (source: Instagram Aguero ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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