Totti jealous of Chanel during live Instagram: “Do you like my daughter? I wallpaper you! “

Francesco Totti jealous of Chanel during a live Instagram. The former captain replied to an admirer of his daughter: “Do you like it? I background you…! ”.

Totti jealous of Chanel during a direct Instagram with his daughter and son Cristian.

“Pietro do you like my daughter? I throw Pietro down on you… Let's not joke. Am I jealous of her? Sure, she is mine ”.

Pietro is one of the many fans of the captain on Instagram. His 'fault' was to leave a comment of appreciation towards Chanel in front of his father Francesco Totti.

Chanel case, Moige's stance.

“It is unacceptable and perverse to publish on the cover of a magazine the image of a 13-year-old with her B-side out; moreover, making explicit reference to it and how much it resembles that of the mother, there is no doubt about it because the face is instead covered to "protect" the identity of the minor ".

This was declared by Elisabetta Scala, vice president and media manager of Moige – Parents' Movement who announces that she has denounced the magazine Gente to the Order of Journalists for the publication of a photo of the thirteen-year-old daughter of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi in a bikini.

"And it cannot be a justification – he adds – the fact that she is the daughter of well-known personalities (footballer and showwoman, to whom our closeness and solidarity goes), if anything it is an aggravating factor because the minor, of which she is also the name is perfectly identifiable ".

"This new trend in media communication of hyper-sexualization of childhood and adolescence, bordering on the instigation of pedophilia, must produce a unanimous reaction of indignation and at the same time be immediately stopped by the institutions that deal with to protect our children and to safeguard fair and respectful journalism and media communication ”he concludes. (source ANSA ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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