The young Italy starts with a victory, Kean and Barella stretch Finland

La giovane Italia parte con una vittoria, Kean e Barella stendono la Finlandia

The young Italy starts with a victory, Kean and Barella stretch Finland. Photo

UDINE – Qualifying match for the European Football Championships " Euro 2020 ", Italy-Finland 2-0, goals: Nicolò Barella on 6 'and Moise Kean on an assist by Ciro Immobile on 71'.

Italy-Finland 2-0, Kean and Barella sign the victory

Italy of young people started their qualifying run for Euro 2020 with a victory. Roberto Mancini launched from the first minute the best youth of Italian football and his courage was rewarded with a victory. Success that has the smiling faces of 22-year-old Nicolò Barella, who unlocked the match in the first half, and of 19-year-old Moise Kean, author of the network that closed the games in the second half.

It was the evening of the record, Barella became the earliest Sardinian and the Cagliari player earlier to score in the senior national team (22 years, 1 month and 16 days, better than Riva, who scored the 1st goal at 22 years, 11 months and 25 days); Moise Kean is the first millennial to debut and to score in the National team, he is also the youngest scorer in official matches of the Italian national football team. If instead we also count friendlies, Kean is second behind Nicolè who established this record in 1958.

Thanks to this success, Italy moved to three points along with Bosnia, which won against Armenia, and Greece, which triumphed in Liechtenstein.

Italy-Finland 2-0, the highlights of the match

90 ′ It is over, Italy has started its qualifying run for Euro 2020 with a victory.

85 ′ National debut for Nicolò Zaniolo. He entered the field in place of Marco Verratti.

84 ′ Traversa struck by Fabio Quagliarella. The Sampdoria striker kicked first but failed to score because of the wood.

80 ′ – Quagliarella immediately close to scoring. A header from a Bernardeschi cross and a miraculous parade by the Finland goalkeeper.

79 ′ – Roberto Mancini takes off Ciro Immobile and inserts Fabio Quagliarella. The Sampdoria striker was greeted by a standing ovation.

71 ′ – Italy double up. Immobile launched Moise Kean and the millennial was not wrong in front of the opposing goalkeeper.

65 ′ – Pukki devours the draw . Granlund crosses from the right, Pukki takes the time to Bonucci and introduces himself in front of Donnarumma but his right hand ends outside. Finland has wasted a huge goal chance.

47 ′ – Cross by Federico Bernardeschi for Ciro Immobile. The Lazio striker hit his head but was unable to find the mirror of Finland's goal.

45 ′ – The first half ended with Italy leading by a goal against Finland. The network was created by Barella with the collaboration of the defense of Finland.

26 ′ – Finland is closed like a hedgehog despite the disadvantage. Federico Bernardeschi managed to free himself from the edge of Finland's penalty area and kicked with the left. His shot did not hit the opponent's goal.

9 ′ Pukki dribbled Jorginho and sent the Sparv shot, the Finnish player's conclusion did not find the blue door mirror.

6 ′ – Italy's goal . Barella slings on a second ball and ends the first goal. His shot, deflected by Vaisanen, shoves Hradecky and unlocks the result.

2 ′ – Federico Bernardeschi launched Ciro Immobile. The Lazio striker did not check the ball well and Granlund managed to stop him.

The official formations of Italy-Finland have been communicated. The forced absences of Chiesa and Florenzi convinced the coach of the Italian national team Roberto Mancini to give the title to Moise Kean and Piccini.

For the 2000 Juventus striker, this is a unique opportunity to make himself known internationally, after his Champions League debut in the final of the eighth return match against Atletico Madrid (the Bianconeri won 3-0 with hat-trick by Cristiano Ronaldo). The Italian coach Roberto Mancini confirmed the light but quality midfield composed by Verratti, Barella and Jorginho. The gem of Rome Nicolò Zaniolo will start from the bench.

Finland coach Kanerva spoke a few minutes before the match against Italy: "Italy is a difficult opponent. A draw would also be good "." We came across a difficult group. It's a huge challenge. Our goal is to reach the top two "." If the team has confidence in itself as I have in the team, we can do well. "

ITALY (3-4-3): Gigio Donnarumma; Piccini, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Biraghi; Barella, Jorginho, Marco Verratti; Moise Kean, Ciro Immobile, Federico Bernardeschi. Coach: Roberto Mancini.

FINLAND (5-3-1-1): Hradecky; Granlund, Toivio, Vaisanen, Arajuuri, Pirinen; Lod, Sparv, Kamara; Hämäläinen; Pukki. Ct. Kanerva.

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