Super Cup, Lotito speaks in English: the result is reviewable …

Lotito parla in inglese: il risultato è rivedibile... video YouTube

Claudio Lotito during an interview released before the Italian Super Cup final between Lazio and Juventus (from YouTube)

RIYAD (SAUDI ARABIA) – Claudio Lotito stumbles on English. A few hours after the Italian Super Cup final between his Lazio and Juventus in Riyadh, Lotito had serious difficulties with the English language during an interview with a local media. The journalist asked Lotito for a thought for the " Lazio Saudi Arabia club ", the Biancoceleste patron had serious difficulties in formulating a sentence of complete meaning as you can see in the YouTube video at the bottom of the article.

Maurizio Sarri's statements before Lazio-Juventus, Italian Super Cup final. “I normally hear this final, last season I made three. It is a trophy up for grabs, an important race, which we particularly care about. We have reasons.

And then lately in training and playing I'm having fun. And if I do, it's because the team plays or tries to play the football that I proposed. " So Maurizio Sarri from Ryad, on the eve of the challenge for the Italian Super Cup against Lazio.

“If I'm having fun, it's because of the feeling of having defects but of being able to solve them – adds the Juventus manager -. We play continuously, we have flaws but we have lost only one race. The form (with Dybala-Higuain-Ronaldo ed)? It is expensive for different roles, maybe in the end we are less lucid to keep the distances between the players ".
(ANSA source, YouTube video).

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