Suarez one step away from Juventus, 10 million per season ready for him

Luis suarez ever closer to Juventus. In fact, there is already a first agreement with the Uruguayan striker discharged from Barcelona. Pirlo wants him in black and white.

No more Milink or Dzeko, Juventus are aiming hard at Luis Suarez of Barcelona. Having now downloaded from the Spanish company, his farewell to Spain is now certain. Juventus are looking for a striker as soon as possible, given Higuain's departure.

The Uruguayan's salary is over 15 million euros , but it would be a bearable investment if the player first reached an agreement with Barcelona to terminate the contract. Also because the player's staff had a long meeting with Juve emissaries, during which an agreement was found for a salary of ten million euros per season.

Ten million which, however, become 15 gross for those coming from abroad with the current Italian tax regime. So Suarez becomes the first option for Pirlo and Dzeko takes a bit of a back seat (but Juve could take both). Because Juve is in a hurry, the championship restarts in 3 weeks and with a new coach we need to break in the patterns.

Suarez would be perfect for the Juventus attack in a trident with Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala (assuming the Argentine remains in Juventus). In fact, the Uruguay striker in addition to scoring also makes several assists, just the type of player ideal for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Dzeko to Juve too? Free Milik at Rome

Edin Dzeko is valued at 18 million euros. Milik about forty, but he has to give his yes.

The Turkish Cengiz Under and the young Ricciardi would go to Napoli. Arkadiusz Milik actually dreamed of joining Juventus, but both Dzeko and Suarez seem to offer Pirlo more guarantees, especially in the Champions League.

In the Giallorossi Milik would not make the Champions League but a four-year contract worth 4.5 million a year plus bonuses, image rights and the number 9 jersey of his predecessor would emerge. (Source La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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