Sturaro, expulsion in Naples-Genoa. On social media: “Dangerous entry, right red”

Sturaro, espulsione in Napoli-Genoa. Sui social: "Entrata pericolosa, rosso giusto"

Sturaro, expulsion in Naples-Genoa. On social media: "Dangerous entry, right red" (Sky Sport still image)

NAPLES – Stefano Sturaro has remedied a heavy deportation at 28 'of Napoli-Genoa . On the result of zero to zero, the former Juventus player entered from behind on Allan and the Easter referee showed him the red card after being recalled from the room of the var. Once again, the use of technology was decisive in guiding the referee in making the correct decision. The entry is as hard as it is dangerous and the expulsion appears to be correct according to what the regulation says. Because of this red, Sturaro will miss the Genoa derby of the next championship round.

Sturaro, the expulsion seen on social media: "Red right, dangerous entry".

Here are the posts posted by Twitter among "the most popular" on the expulsion of Sturaro in Naples-Genoa.

Arturo gets angry with Ambrosini, Sky's technical commentator: "Ambrosini who still says complicated situation. With a criminal Sturaro foul … ". Anna ironizes about Sturaro's black and white past: "A minute of silence for Sturaro who had forgotten that he was no longer at Juve and after having been savage to Allan was expelled". Napoli Outsider commented as follows: "But what did Sturaro do about Allan ??? He's a direct red, but are we kidding? "

Michele quips about Sturaro's past at Juventus: “Sturaro wanted to be free for the Scudetto party on Saturday.  ". Meanwhile, the connoisseur compares the entrance of the Genoa player to that of Gagliardini against last year's Benevento: "A naive sturar, he does not know that those fouls without even being warned can only get them Gagliardini #NapoliGenoa".

The Sturaro article , expulsion in Naples-Genoa. On social media: "Dangerous entry, right red" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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