Spezia, historic promotion to Serie A. All the teams of the next championship

La Spezia is the last team to have won promotion to Serie A. The Ligurians have had the best of Frosinone.

First historic promotion in Serie A for Spezia. The Ligurian club, founded in 1906 and refounded in 2008, has gained access to the top Italian football league for the first time.

The Ligurians lost 1 to 0 at home against Frosinone, after the success with the same score in the first leg, and won promotion to Serie A thanks to a better placing at the end of the regular season.

It is the triumph of Gabriele Volpi, an entrepreneur who also wants to excel in football after having won everything in water polo with Pro Recco.

Volpi took control of La Spezia in 2008, paying off a total debt of 40 million euros. In a few years, thanks to Volpi's investments, Spezia has gone from amateurs to Serie B.

In the cadet series, Spezia has always played in mid-high ranking championships until tonight's triumph.

So Spezia Calcio is the last team to have been promoted to Serie A after the Serie B champions of Benevento and Crotone runner-up.

The geography of the next Serie A.

Thanks to the promotion of Spezia, Liguria will participate in the next championship with three teams as there are also Sampdoria and Genoa.

So Liguria will have the same number of representatives from Lombardy (three with Milan, Inter and Atalanta) and Emilia Romagna (Parma, Bologna and Sassuolo).

Benevento, on the other hand, brings to two the number of Campania teams registered in the top flight as there is also Napoli. Two other regions also have two teams in Serie A: Lazio (Rome and Lazio) and Piedmont (Juventus and Turin).

The other promoted, Crotone, will be the only Calabrian team in the next Serie A. They have only one team in the top flight also Veneto (Hellas Verona), Tuscany (Fiorentina), Friuli (Udinese) and Sardinia (Cagliari).

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