Spalletti: “I have not read Totti’s book and I’ll tell you what I’ll do if I see it”

Spalletti: "Non ho letto il libro di Totti e vi dico cosa farò se lo vedrò"

Spalletti: "I have not read Totti's book and I'll tell you what I'll do if I see it"

ROME – " Totti ? If I find it, I would like to say hello. Unfortunately I did not have time to read the book. I read the things that you report especially to journalists, I think there are some clarifications to be made but they will be done calmly ". This was told by Inter coach Luciano Spalletti, interviewed by Sky on the eve of the match against Roma. "I have lived seven years there, there are many friends who may not come to the stadium to celebrate, but they still have very good relations with many people – he continued -. In my management, even wrongly, I have always tried to do good for Rome ".

"The match against Roma will not be decisive either to exclude a direct opponent from the Champions race, nothing is decisive in our championship. There are pitfalls and very strong teams ". This was told by the Inter coach, Luciano Spalletti, in the press conference on the eve of the match against the Giallorossi.

"I read that you try to put pressure on us, but when I arrived we were 30 points from Rome – he continued -. If now we are the ones who absolutely have to win this game we take this compliment because it is a sign that we have come a long way ". The Nerazzurro coach has been promoting the team season so far: "We are doing what we had to do, we are in the most rosy path imaginable – Spalletti's words -. We are still in the possibility of qualifying for the Champions League in a group of the toughest and for now we have a fairly important ranking in the league. We do not want to be satisfied, "he concluded.

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