Shannon De Lima, girlfriend James Rodriguez, pushes for the transfer to Naples: that’s why

Shannon De Lima fidanzata James Rodriguez napoli

Shannon De Lima, girlfriend James Rodriguez, in an Instagram photo

MADRID – Shannon De Lima is doing everything to convince her boyfriend James Rodriguez to refuse Atletico Madrid's offer to move to Naples. Shannon De Lima would be doing it to drive away her boyfriend from Madrid where ex-wife Daniela Ospina lives.

Unfortunately, things got complicated for James Rodriguez's transfer to Napoli . The Colombian footballer, to the delight of Shannon De Lima, gave his word to Carlo Ancelotti but Napoli cannot find an agreement with Real Madrid. The Blancos have spent more than 300 million euros on the market and need to sell players in midfield to attempt the assault on Paul Pogba.

Outgoing there are Ceballos, James Rodriguez and Isco. Real Madrid has no preferences, it will sell the two players that it will manage to place first outright and obviously on its terms. This is why the Naples offer based on the loan with a redemption obligation has been returned to the sender. Real Madrid wants everything and immediately, wants to sell its outgoing players outright for having the money to invest in the purchase of Paul Pogba immediately.

In the event that Real Madrid finds buyers in a short time for both Ceballos and Isco (there is talk of Juventus), he could consider holding James Rodriguez in pink and at that point he would pass his passage to Naples at the court of Carlo Ancelotti.

Shannon De Lima, who is James Rodriguez's girlfriend.

Shannon De Lima is one of the most beautiful models in the world. He is also a TV personality and an influencer as he is followed by almost two million followers on Instagram. Thanks to his enormous following on social networks, he receives many offers from numerous companies.

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