Seville, a football team called ‘Sabrina Salerno’ is born. The singer: “I’ll go see the first game”

Seville, a football team called 'Sabrina Salerno' is born. The singer is happy: “I will go to see the first match”.

The singer and showgirl Sabrina Salerno comments on the Adnkronos , the news that in Seville, Spain, a 7-a-side football club has been born with her name, and when the season begins, it is not excluded that she can travel to Spain.

“Did they create a football club dedicated to me in Seville?

The news was immediately sent to me by my Spanish friends, I find it unusual and very nice, I don't think a football club has ever been dedicated to a singer .

They used very kind and admiring words, both for the music and the beauty. Maybe when the championship starts I'll go and follow the first match… ”.

“I'm not surprised that it happened in Spain, because it was one of the first countries that gave me popularity and success, so it doesn't surprise me,” adds the singer.

On the club emblem, in addition to the words 'Glory and disorder', stands the silhouette of a curvy woman, reminiscent of that of the Italian singer.

Today Sabrina Salerno is 50 years old but she is beautiful and sensual as in the 80s.

The logo? It is different from my silhouette ”, he underlines, while the“ motto 'glory and disorder' is brilliant ”.

In Seville, Spain, a group of motivated 30-year-olds have created a club named after their 80s legend.

Thus was born the 'Sabrina Salerno Sports Society' which has not yet made its debut on synthetic grass, but already has a large group of fans.

The Spanish boys, considering that in the city there are already the champions of the Europa League and Betis, the year opted for the Genoese singer and showgirl, known all over the world and, as one of the team's players explains to 'Marca', it seemed logical to pay homage.

“We all grew up in the eighties and we believe that Sabrina Salerno deserves a heartfelt and sincere homage”.

The new club was born with no other intention than to enroll in an amateur 7-a-side football championship , of the many that are played in the Andalusian capital.

"There are not yet in progress, due to covid-19 but as soon as registrations open we will look for the one with the lowest level to register …", says one of the players.

“We already have the glory, the disorder comes when the ball begins to roll.

We want to pay homage to Sabrina for her music, for her beauty and because she appeared in our lives just as we started kicking a ball.

And then we are all passionate about Italian football and therefore it is also a way to close the circle ”.

The logo was designed by Sergio Cortina who was inspired by those of Italian football, and requests have already arrived via twitter to buy the shirts of the Italian company Ginova, in the hope that Sabrina Salerno herself can request one.

"A photo of him posing with the Sabrina Salerno Sports Club jersey would be more exciting than winning a match …".

And the response from the national Sabrina arrived promptly (source AdnKronos ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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