Serie A returns, Turin-Parma 1-1: Nkoulou goals and dedication to George Floyd. Then Kucka’s tie

TURIN – The wait is over, the Italian Serie A football championship is back. Let's follow Torino-Parma 1-1, goals: Nkoulou at 14 'and Kucka at 33'.

Draw and draw between Turin and Parma in the first Serie A game after the long stop for coronavirus.

The first network is already iconic because Nkoulou decided to dedicate it to George Floyd, barbarously killed by a Minneapolis policeman.

The grenade footballer knelt against racism, before him many Bundesliga players had done it (which was the first to restart in Europe).

This goal was only an illusion for the grenades because Parma drew before the end of the first half with Kucka.

The midfielder scored with a great first intention shot from Gervinho's cross from the left.

In the second half, Toro had the chance to win the game but Gallo Belotti had a penalty saved by Sepe.

Serie A, Torino-Parma 1-1: Kucka replied to Nkoulou.

Torino challenge Parma with Sirigu; De Silvestri, Izzo, Nkoulou, Bremer; Ivy, Rincon, Meité, Berenguer; Belotti and Zaza.

At Longo's disposal there are Ujkani, Rosati, Djidji, Lyanco, Singo, Aina, Lukic, Adopo and Millico.

Parma responds to the grenades with Sepe; Darmian, Iacoponi, B.Alves, Gagliolo; Kucka, Scozzarella, Kurtic; Kulusevski, Cornelius and Gervinho.  

Colombi, Radu, Dermaku, Regini, Barillà, Brugman, Karamoh, Sprocati and Caprari are available to D'aversa .

The referee of the first Serie A game during the coronavirus is Mr. Irrati of Pistoia.

The match started with a false start because the ball was deflated . Of course the race director had him replaced immediately.

Turin close to scoring in the 13th minute. Edera's shot, with his left foot, went out by a whisker but there was also a deviation.

On developments in the corner, the Bull really scored in the 14th minute . This time it was a great header from Nkoulou.

After the net, the grenade defender knelt down to dedicate his goal to George Floyd.

He is not the first to do this, previously many Bundesliga players had dedicated their nets to the African American killed by a Minneapolis policeman.

This is the first network scored in Serie A after the restart after the stop for coronavirus.

Parma draw at 33 '. Great action on the left of Gervinho and perfect cross for Kucka . The former AC Milan player beat Sirigu with a very powerful first intention shot.

The first half between Turin and Parma ended on the result of one by one.

The recovery started immediately with a slow motion episode. After a great save by Sepe on a safe shot from Zaza, the referee awarded a penalty to the grenades for a restraint of Iacoponi against Ivy.

Unfortunately for Toro, the penalty was dramatically failed by the "Gallo" Belotti. Sepe dismissed the conclusion of the grenade striker. The match remained on the result of one by one.

At 65 ', Gervinho sowed panic in the penalty area of ​​Turin but then his cross shot was blocked without any problem by Sepe.

Ivy devoured 2-1 to 74 '. On a cross by Ola Aina, he headed off, undisturbed, in front of Sepe but sent the ball to the bottom.

It's over, the game ended on a 1-1 result.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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