Serie A players have been training in the parks since May 4th? Training in England and Germany

ROME – Serie A players will be able to resume training in sports centers, with the restrictions appropriate for the coronavirus, from 18 May.

This government decision did not go down to many insiders who expected a resumption of training in sports centers from 4 May .

Lazio football player Francesco Acerbi blurted out saying:

“Why can you train in public parks from 4 while in sports centers from 18?

It is safer for us players to train in a sports center like Formello where there are many fields and changing rooms.

In our sports center we have the concrete opportunity to train safely, respecting social distancing.

We cannot have the same security in public parks that are open to everyone … ".

Hence the decision of several Italian clubs, partly out of necessity, partly out of provocation, to train their players in the parks starting from May 4th .

Moreover, it would not be an unprecedented fact because in England, before the resumption of training in sports centers, the players of Tottenham and Arsenal trained in public parks in London violating the quarantine.

While in Italy we think about training in public parks, in England and Germany they have regularly resumed training in club sport centers .

Germany is the first to have started training safely again.

The same has happened in England for a few days.

In Germany they are ready to start the championship again, while in England they have taken the first important step in this direction.

There are players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo who cannot train in Italy but who even play friendly matches abroad .

Ronaldo took the field with Nacional, Madeira's team, while Ibrahimovic scored in the match played in Sweden with Hammarby, the club of which he is co-owner.

Football world paradoxes

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