Serie A, in case of stop play-off and play-out. Otherwise algorithm but without a championship

ROME – At the end of the Federal Council, the lost decisions regarding a large number of issues still open regarding football were disclosed.

The season ends on the basis of sporting merit, so the proposal by Federal President Gravina was voted by a large majority: play-offs and play-outs in case of a new stop at the championships , otherwise defining the rankings, with relegations but without assignment of the title of Campione d'Italia , through the corrective criterion (home-away weighted points average).

In Lega Pro, the formula of play-off and play-out has been defined, promoted in B Monza, Vicenza and Reggina, while they go directly to Serie D Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti.

As for women's football , having ascertained the declared impossibility to resume the activity, as also emerged in the Assembly of companies of the Women's Football Division last Thursday, the Council decided for the closure of the 2019/2020 sports competitions.

For the definition of the final ranking, the Division must apply the same corrective criteria valid for men's professional championships.

Finally, the Federal Council has established the terms of the transfer market for the registration of players for the next sporting season: from 1st September to 5th October 2020; from 4 January to 31 January 2021. (source AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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