Serie A, chaos dates for the new season. Gravina thinks about the playoffs

Gravina would like the playoffs in the next Serie A season. A change of format due to the possible delay in the start of the championship.

It is Alessandro Bocci, in Corriere della Sera , who unveils what would be the latest idea of ​​the FIGC president for the next Serie A. The championship, explains the journalist, had already found an agreement for the second weekend of September, as in England and Spain. In recent times, however, more than one president, starting with De Laurentiis of Napoli, has expressed his concerns, asking for a delayed restart on 3 October.

If you did not start on 12 or 19 September, the format is at risk for the European Championship, scheduled for June 2021. And so the idea of ​​proposing to the Federal Council to change the format of the championship would have been born in Gravina. A choice that will be discussed in the next Lega Council scheduled for 4 August.

A change to ensure that the coach Mancini can better prepare the national team for the European championship. And just thinking about the European Championship, Bocci reports, the idea would be to streamline the season , freeing up some dates.

Gravina could propose two groups of 10 teams to Serie A, with a home and away over 18 rounds, plus playoffs for twelve teams and playout for eight teams. An emergency solution, which would hardly find the consensus of the company and the televisions (which have already paid for a certain number of games).

The problem of the health protocol

There is also a problem with the health protocol , which is very expensive and according to Gravina: “I am very, very worried about next season. The teams will have to start the rallies soon and we are very late in knowing the new procedures to follow. We do not know this state of emergency for how long it will be extended, ”said the FIGC president, launching a cry of alarm about the health protocol applied to football.

It is inapplicable from now on . This protocol had to take into account the evolution of the epidemic in our country – Gravina explains to La Politica nel Pallone – and we must continue to take this into account, but we must also be realistic: we applied it in an emergency situation for a very short period of time, but imagine continuing to apply it until the end of the next sports season, with tampons every 4 days, it is impossible. It would be physical violence towards the players. We need to find other solutions ”. (source CORRIERE DELLA SERA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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