Serie A behind closed doors for Coronavirus, Malagò: “Here are the problems”

Serie A a porte chiuse per il Coronavirus, Malagò: "Ecco quali sono le problematiche"

Malagò, president of Coni, spoke on the theme of Serie A behind closed doors: "There are problems of public order and on tickets already sold" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Four out of six Serie A games for Coronavirus have been postponed today. In the last few hours, there has been talk of a certain insistence on playing games behind closed doors in order not to postpone others. Also because the calendars are clogged and it is not easy to set dates for recoveries.

On this hypothesis, the president of the CONI Giovanni Malagò spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport. His statements are reported by Il Corriere dello Sport.

Malagò: “Serie A behind closed doors? There are two problems … ".

According to Malagò there are two substantial problems: the reimbursement of tickets already sold and possible problems of public order: “Until late in the evening I heard some of the managers involved, the last phone call with Marotta was in the middle of the night. The talk behind closed doors was taken into consideration but there are some problems: the first is that starting from Inter there are 70 thousand tickets sold and the company would have had to bear the costs.

The second is that some groups of fans, perhaps those of the curves, may decide to go to the stadium anyway, representing a public order problem. Are you leaving behind closed doors? It is a theme that exclusively concerns prefectures. Clogged calendars? They are not regulated by the undersigned and also fit in with the international ones "(sources Sky Sport and Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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