Sarri-Juventus, Juventus fans do not forget his gesticulation. PHOTO

Sarri-Juventus, tifosi bianconeri non dimenticano suo gestaccio. FOTO

Sarri-Juventus, Juventus fans do not forget his gesticulation. PHOTO from social media

TURIN – Maurizio Sarri at Juventus. It's the news of the day . As always happens after the appointment of a new coach, there is the reaction of the fans of the team concerned on social networks. Those of Juventus welcomed him in a lukewarm manner. Many Juventus fans did not forgive him for the last Juventus-Napoli with Maurizio Sarri on the Neapolitan bench.

The former Napoli coach reacted badly to the insults of some Juventus fans by showing them the middle finger. This vulgar gesture was greeted with satisfaction by the Napoli fans who elected him their leader against the historic enemies of Juventus. For this reason many Neapolitan fans consider him a traitor and are ready to give him a welcome at La Higuain between boos and insults.

Sarri-Juventus, the welcome press release from the bianconeri website.

He has just finished an excellent season as Chelsea coach, crowned, after third place in the Premier League and the EFL Cup Final, with the victory, a few days ago, of the Europa League.

After having raised his first continental trophy , now Maurizio Sarri returns to Italy, where he has coached throughout his career, except, of course, for the English experience just ended. And from today, and for the next three years (until 30 June 2022), he will lead Juventus.

Sixty years old, born in Naples and long lived in Tuscany , in 2001 , after years spent in the world of soccer , Sarri began his career as a full-time coach.

Thus began an adventure that, since 2005, has taken him to the Serie B championship , driving Pescara, Arezzo and Avellino. The road to Serie A, however, is still long: Sarri guide, Verona, Perugia, Grosseto, Alessandria and Sorrento, between B and Lega Pro.

Then in 2012 the story begins with Empoli : Sarri is close to promotion in the top flight already in the first season (Livorno wins in the final playoff) and joins it a year later, finishing second in the championship.

The Empoli is confirmed as a splendid footballing reality also in the following season, in which it conquers mathematical salvation in advance. 2015, for the technician, is the year of the landing at Napoli, and even here Sarri leaves his mark.

With him in fact the Neapolitan team reaches 82, 86 and 91 points, from 2015 to 2018: every time it is the Serie A record for the Club, which wins for 3 years , two of which without going through the preliminaries, the qualification to the Champions League.

Finally, in 2018/19, as previously said, the excellent season with Chelsea , in England, and the first continental trophy for Sarri.

And now the adventure begins for him in Juventus: welcome to Juventus.

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