Sarri-Juventus, check mark: “You sold yourself dignity”. Comedian Iodice attacks him on social media

Sarri-Juventus, spunta striscione: "Ti sei venduto la dignità". Il comico Iodice lo attacca sui social

Sarri-Juventus, check mark: "You sold yourself dignity". Comedian Iodice attacks him on social media (photo from Facebook)

NAPLES – The arrival of Maurizio Sarri at Juventus has sparked a sea of ​​controversy in Naples. Yesterday a banner appeared in the center of Naples with the following written: "A commander of value does not fall into disgrace. You sold your dignity to those who own the Palazzo ”. The banner was signed by "Anima Azzurra" which claimed its paternity also on social networks.

Sarri went from being the "commander" of Napoli fans to being a "vile traitor" in the same way as Gonzalo Higuain. The thought of the Napoli fans is summarized also in the social release of the comedian Peppe Iodice who collected thousands of likes: "Take our love of what you want, so you only thought about the c … yours". You look like someone else in a suit and tie
Don't act, you are a servant of the master ". "Faciste a 'guerra cu' chillu fanged finger, mo you do and 'vacation cu' Mazzoleni and Orsato".

Before his move to Juventus, there had been an expedition of some Napoli fans to Figline Valdarno who had exhibited a banner in front of the Tuscan residence of the former coach of the Campanians with the following written: "Commander, do not betray the people. Naples loves you ".

After winning the Europa League on the Chelsea bench, Sarri had dedicated this triumph to the Napoli fans but in his heart he already knew he would move to the Juventus bench because the deal was already well underway. This dedication of his, this thought, was not appreciated by the Napoli fans who felt betrayed by their old leader.

The coach who had turned the middle finger to the Juventus fans before his last big league match against the Bianconeri as Napoli coach. Middle finger which is one of the reasons why the Juventus fans welcomed him in a rather lukewarm way to use a euphemism.

The Sarri-Juventus article , check mark: "You sold yourself dignity". The comic Iodice attacks him on social networks seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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