Sarri exonerated from Juventus: Pochettino has already been contacted, but the dream is Zidane

Juventus has decided to sack Maurizio Sarri. Are Allegri or Conte back? Contacted Pochettino but the dream remains Zidane.

Maurizio Sarri exonerated . It is not a decision that comes as a surprise as the Tuscan coach, who joined Juventus last summer, pays for the exit in the second round of the Champions League against Lyon and a game that has never completely convinced fans and clubs.

Agnelli had said it would take a few days to decide, but less than 24 hours after elimination with Lyon he has already chosen.

To keep the place in Sarri it was not enough to win the championship, the ninth in a row. The premature exit from the Champions League convinced the club to change technical leadership.

Will you be sacked, who will be the new coach?

There are already many names. There is talk of a possible return of Massimiliano Allegri, Antonio Conte's heats. The first hasn't trained for a year, the second with his Inter came within a point of Juventus champion of Italy and the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

But there are also some new names. In addition to Pochettino and Simone Inzaghi, there is that of Zinedine Zidane. The current Real Madrid manager has always been linked to the Juventus environment and the fans have dreamed of him even before Sarri arrived. He would be the ideal coach to win the Champions League given what he managed to do with Real.

But getting to Zidane is difficult, the Frenchman is bound by a contract with Real Madrid and the feeling, given the timing of Sarri's exemption, is that Juve want to choose quickly.

This is why the arrival of Pochettino (already contacted and reached the Champions League final with Tottenham last year) appears more feasible and immediate. On 19 September the season restarts and Juventus want to choose the new coach right away to prepare tactics and transfer strategies. Alternatively, an Allegri bis would also be feasible but after five years of Juve one wonders if the Tuscan is still strongly motivated to start again with the Bianconeri.

What is certain for now is that Sarri never seems to have been the right coach for Juventus. A game that never existed, a championship won with pain and above all a lot of lost games and many goals scored. Something that almost never happens at Juventus and for this reason it was impossible to ignore it. That's why Sarri's fate hung in the Champions League, a failed goal against a team on paper that was more than affordable.

The Juventus press release on Sarri's exemption.

“Juventus Football Club announces that Maurizio Sarri has been relieved of his post as coach of the First Team. The club would like to thank the coach for writing a new page in Juventus' history with the victory of the ninth consecutive Scudetto, the culmination of a personal journey that led him to climb all the categories of Italian football ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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