Sandro Tonali, assignment on the way? Massimo Cellino: “I made a promise and I intend to keep it”

Will Sandro Tonali leave Brescia at the end of the season?

It really seems so to hear the words of President Massimo Cellino : "To Sandro Tonali – he says to the Corriere di Brescia – I made a promise and I intend to keep it: it is a commitment made with the boy, I can't penalize him".

Cellino only wants the best for Tonali:

"He pulled the cart for two years – he explains – he had muscle problems before the lockdown.

When we shot there was too much pressure on his shoulders. "

Chapter relegation.

“I am destroyed, believe me. But not for the verdict.

This season has been an endless agony, I couldn't wait for this championship to end.

I am a fighter, but I do not deny that there is tiredness and some bruising.

I was wrong, I take my responsibilities. I have underestimated the risks since last summer. This is my personal failure. "

Chapter Balotelli.

“This team had its strength in the group and in the enthusiasm.

That alchemy has been destroyed, I should have protected it.

I chased a star and so I damaged the team, which had the means to save itself even without Balotelli.

He was wrong and I was wrong. The blame is divided by 50%. It is gone now. I thought it could help me, the expectations of both were disappointed ". (Source: The Corriere di Brescia ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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