Rome Transfer Market: Batshuayi, Dendoncker and Herrera for January

Calciomercato Roma: Batshuayi, Dendoncker e Herrera per gennaio

Rome Transfer Market: Batshuayi, Dendoncker and Herrera for January

ROME – Rome is one of the most active teams on the transfer market in January and could not be otherwise because the Giallorossi, decimated by injuries, need reinforcements to fill the gap with rivals in the fourth place race and the Champions League. For the attack, the number one goal is Batshuayi. Chelsea would like to lend it to Roma to make the most of it because in the first of last season it did not set well in Valencia. For the midfield, like Dendoncker and Herrera. The former played little with the Wolves in England, and Anderlecht, who is the owner of his card, is looking for a new destination for him. The second is a pillar of Porto, Rome's next opponent in the Champions League, and Roma has been looking for him, without results, since last summer. January could be the good month to take it.

Monchi: "I accept the criticism but the accounts are done at the end"

"Roma fans are right. All the fans are usually right but Roma are even more right, because when you support a team like Roma you have to win something ". Thus began the interview of the Giallorossi ds Monchi to Sky and of which the satellite broadcaster has aired an excerpt (the integral will be transmitted tomorrow).

"When I go down the street – the words of the Spanish manager – I have always had the feeling that the fans are close to me but I also think that something must be given to them because they have not won so many years. I – Monchi adds – I did not come here to sell Salah, Rudiger or others, but initially to fix the numbers, then slowly last year we made a normal market or at least what I thought was normal and good for the club. I've always done it by focusing on young people and players. Slowly the fans will begin to understand what is my idea, I know that in football sometimes this time never comes but in the end we will be right ".

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