Rome, Petrachi: “Higuain may be the new Batistuta”

Roma, Petrachi: "Higuain può essere il nuovo Batistuta"

Rome, Petrachi: "Higuain may be the new Batistuta".

ROME – As Roma's new sports director Gianluca Petrachi spoke about the Giallorossi's transfer market at a press conference. Petrachi talked about the possible arrival of Gonzalo Higuain and the Barella case. Your statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

Rome, Petrachi: "Higuain may be the new Batistuta".

"I think those who discuss Higuain are crazy. Right now he has lost a bit of self-esteem and surely could be useful to Rome, if Dzeko goes away. Motivations count very much. If something should be opened with Juventus, he must be the first to believe it. I'm trying to bring players with this desire, it's not the champion that makes me put salami on my eyes and not see if there are no reasons. To find the real Higuain there is no better solution than Rome.

Here he could follow in the footsteps of Batistuta, here he left an indelible mark on Rome. These are market things that will have to be evaluated later. Today I think that Dzeko is a Roma footballer, who will realize in retirement that the air has changed, that the new DS, the new CEO and the new coach want to work in a certain way. If Inter wants to leave Inter must pay the player well and I must have the money in my pocket, otherwise I won't do it ".

Rome, Petrachi: "Barella wants to go to Inter".

"There have been some inaccuracies. The prosecutor has already met Rome before me and had reached economic parameters and he was happy. Then after the farewell of Monchi etc. the transfer market speech was lost a bit, because he expected the arrival of those who are suitable. Some time has been lost, because if we talk about so many millions we have to share. Inter was inserted, who made the proposal to Cagliari, Conte called the player and motivated him.

The boy has ambition to play the Champions. I never looked for Barella, they were the ones who looked for me, saying that Inter was trotting. Tentar does not harm, for me it was already difficult before, let alone now. Cagliari would like to give it to Roma, but the player has chosen Inter. Barella can say that he sees the slowdown and that he wants to come here. For now it's a closed chapter. Forcing a player and bringing him in, who had other ambitions. He must have motivations, if he does not have them it is right that he should go there ”.

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