Rome ok with two penalties, Fiorentina furious with the referee: how many blasphemies on the pitch …

Roma won 2 to 1 against Fiorentina thanks to two penalties. The Viola have long protested for the second, the decisive one. Many blasphemies and insults against the referee, without fans you can hear everything …

Roma won two to one against Fiorentina thanks to two penalties converted by former Viola Jordan Veretout and mortgaged fifth place in the standings. With Napoli already in the groups of the Europa League, thanks to the triumph in the Italian Cup, it is important for Roma to get above Milan.

In fact, the team that comes under the other, at the moment Milan, is condemned to restart next season before the others to play the preliminary rounds of the Europa League (six potential matches).

Not a small detail if we consider how long this season is going due to the coronavirus stop.

Fiorentina, on the other hand, had nothing more to ask from this championship as they were already safe and had no chance of hitting a place in the Europa League but losing with a dubious penalty always hurts.

And so someone lost his head in the purple house since during the Sky commentary we all listened to a lot of curses and various insults against the race director.

In fact, the fourth official spoke to the Fiorentina bench saying: "Ok to protests but not to offenses …".

But why were the purples so angry? Because Dzeko had already kicked out before coming into contact with Terracciano. But it is not only for this. The Viola were angry that the referee did not go to review the episode even at the var.

In fact, in addition to the blasphemies, we also heard: "Go and see it again at the var, go and see it again at the var!".

Nothing to do, the referee was convinced of his decision and he was also because his assistants gave him the okay through the silent check. But was the penalty there or not? Such penalties were given as not given so it is difficult to answer.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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