Rome-Barcelona, ​​Juan Jesus recalls De Rossi’s motivational speech: “Let’s make history tonight”

ROME – Two years ago Roma accomplished one of the biggest achievements in the history of the Champions League.

The Giallorossi had to overturn the 4-1 defeat of the first leg to eliminate Barcelona and qualify for the Champions League semifinals .

It was an (almost) impossible feat because Barcelona was one of the strongest teams in the world and because it had to be beaten with three goals

But Roma succeeded with an iron defense and with a three to zero signed by Dzeko, De Rossi and Manolas.

Then the race of the Giallorossi stopped, for a hair and for some too many refereeing errors, in the semifinal against Liverpool.

To remember that magical evening, Juan Jesus thought about it with this long post published on Instagram.

"It's April 10, 2018. My name is Juan Jesus , and I'm in Rome in the locker room of the team from the capital. There is just over an hour to go before the match against Barcelona.

In the first leg we lost 4-1. We are already out. Yet I look around and see something strange, I feel something in the air. My companions pass in front of me as they prepare.

I notice a spark in their eyes . In mine there is the incredible desire to face him, Leo Messi. Oh yes, because of all the tasks they can assign you in a Champions League quarter-final I touch this.

Mister Di Francesco was clear: ' Juan you must press and close anyone who arrives in your area' . Yeah, and do you know who's going around there? That's right, him. I think about it but I'm not afraid.

That is, a little fear yes. I think it's normal, but I think about it while I put on the shin guards. I tell myself: if it goes wrong it's because he is the strongest of all, but there is also the other possibility, my friends!

The other side of the ball. The other 50%. And meanwhile I hear the fans charging hearts.

Yes, there is another possibility: if it is all right, I can help my companions, I can do my part and become the one who stopped him . Here is my chance.

I am not someone who scores a lot, it will not be up to me to exult mad with joy and become the cover man. I know, the titles will be for Edin , for Lele or others like that.

I have chosen another life. That of those who are behind and fight in silence. But we are also important and today we have to put our brick. I believe it, I say it, I want to tell everyone, it makes me scream.

I turn around and next to me it is changing (if I think about it now I shiver) Manolas who perhaps understands what I am imagining and telepathically makes me: "Let us go".

When you say union is strength. We whisper it slowly, but we begin to make it happen. Let's turn up the volume. Then he comes, Daniele De Rossi. It's time for the Captain's speech.

Everyone shut up. His classic stamp of courage resounds. It has the eyes of those who have not slept. He feels it. The lockers with our hanging clothes inside, suddenly shake.

It is Lele who is charging us in his own way. But above all he says 4 magic words that pierce me: " I trust you " . And he ends the speech by shouting: "Let's make history tonight!" .

Guys, think about it. If you were to go to war, who would you like to scream with you? De Rossi. And we had it. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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