Roma-CSKA Moscow 3-0 highlights and report cards, Dzeko double-Under VIDEO GOL

Roma-Cska Mosca 3-0 highlights, pagelle e video gol della partita (Ansa)

Roma-Cska Moscow 3-0 highlights, report cards and video match goal (Ansa)

ROME – As Roma-Cska Moscow 3-0, goal: Edin Dzeko 31 'and 43', Under 50 '. Match valid for the Champions League group stage.
: Rome and Real Madrid 6, Cska 4 and Plzen 1.

Rome returns "Magica" in the Champions League. After having paved the Plzen, the Giallorossi also crashed CSKA Moscow who had just returned from Real Madrid. The protagonist is Edin Dzeko, a striker who scored twice, plus assists for Under's goal, climbing to 5 goals in 3 games. In the last two European seasons, only Cristiano Ronaldo has a goal average higher than his. Now the Roma will go to play in Moscow in an attempt to put a serious mortgage on the qualification for the Champions League knockout rounds.

The report cards of Rome-Cska 3-0

Rome beat Cska Moscow 3-0 (2-0). Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen 7, Florenzi 6.5, Manolas 7, Fazio 6, Santon 6, De Rossi 7 (36 'st Schick 5.5), Nzonzi 6.5, Under 7 (29' st Kolarov sv), The. Pellegrini 7 (23 'st Cristante 5.5), El Shaarawy 7, Dzeko 8. (83 Mirante, 5 Juan Jesus, 15 Marcano, 22 Zaniolo). All .: Di Francesco 7.

Cska Moscow (5-4-1): Pomazun 6.5, Mario Fernandes 6, Chernov 5 (12 'st Khosonov 5.5), Rodrigo Becao 5, Magnusson 5.5, Nababkin 5.5, Vlasic 6, Akhmetov 6, Sigurdsson 6, Oblyakov 5 (12 'St Dzagoev 5), Chalov 6 (45' st Nishimura sv). (22 Kyrnats, 15 Ephrenov, 72 Gordyushenko, 75 Zhamaletdinov). All .: Hancharenka 5.5.

Referee: Sidiropoulos (Greece) 6. Goals: in the pt 30 'and 43' Dzeko; in the st Under. Warned: Nababkin and Sigurdsson for foul play. Angles: 10-5 for the CSKA Moscow. Recovery: 1 'and 3'. Spectators: paying 46.005, for a collection of € 1,558,451.00.

** THE GOL ** – 30 'pt: Lorenzo Pellegrini starts the action on the left side of the Russian trocar, exchanges with El Shaarawy, receives, enters the area, checks and then draws Dzeko who, just a few steps from the goal, 1-0.

– 43 'pt: Roma doubles with a rugby-style hand action, initiated by De Rossi, followed by Under that from right to center El Sharawy and then from these right to Dzeko, whose diagonal stick on the opposite pole on the grass.

– 5 'st: long shot by Florenzi for Dzeko's head that serves a backward assist for the runaway Under who flashes Pomazum, lowering the trio.

The highlights of Roma-Cska 3-0

90 'final whistle, Rome won against CSKA Moscow and took the lead group level on points with Real Madrid.

50 '- Rome goal. Air side of Dzeko and powerful left, and winning, Under.

45 '- End of the first half . Rome took the lead by two goals against CSKA Moscow. Dzeko scored twice in the 5th goal in just three Champions League games. Great parades by Robin Olsen.

43 '- Roma goal. First assist of El Shaarawy, after an excellent verticalization of De Rossi, and Dzeko's first goal goal.

31 '- Rome's goal. Great play by Pellegrini who needs a golden ball to Dzeko easily scoring an empty goal.

23 '- Roma close to the goal with Daniele De Rossi. Miraculous parade of the Russian goalkeeper who deflected the ball in a corner.

8 '- Robin Olsen saves the score to zero.

Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen; Florenzi, Manolas, Fazio, Santon; De Rossi, Nzonzi; Ünder, Lorenzo Pellegrini, El Shaarawy; Dzeko. All. Di Francesco

CSKA Moscow (5-4-1) : Pomazun; Mario Fernandes, Rodrigo Becao, Chernov, Magnusson, Nababkin; Vlasic, Akhmetov, Sigurdsson, Oblyakov; Chalov. All. Hancharenka

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