Riise, car accident with her daughter: I’m out of danger

ALESUND (NORWAY) – Bad misfortune for John Arne Riise (39 years old). The former footballer from Rome and Liverpool was the victim of a road accident together with his daughter Ariana (19 years old).

Riise was in Norway and was returning home from Alesund . The former Roma full-back was forced to steer suddenly to avoid an obstacle that presented itself in front of him.

His car crashed into the guard rail that was on the roadside.

Both Riise and her daughter were conscious at the time of the crash and were in good condition but were also transported to the hospital for routine checkups.

Shortly after the accident , the agent of the former Liverpool footballer wanted to reassure everyone with statements released to the press.

Car accident for John Arne Riise and daughter, fortunately they are fine.

Erland Bakke , John Arne Riise's agent , spoke about the health conditions of his client in the newspaper Dagbladet. His declarations are reported by corrieredellosport.it.

“They were on their way home to Alesund, and just before they arrived, something on the road forced John Arne Riise to quickly turn left, causing him to end up against the guard rail. Both are doing well and have remained in the hospital until this morning. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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