Real Madrid, Isco is a case: he is overweight and broke with Solari

Real Madrid, Isco è un caso: è sovrappeso e ha rotto con Solari

Real Madrid, Isco is a case: he is overweight and broke with Solari (Ansa)

MADRID (SPAIN) – The relationship between Isco and Real Madrid is at historic lows. All fault of Lopetegui. Isco was the "coconut" of the old coach, he had exposed himself publicly to avoid, without success, his exoneration and his stance put him automatically in a bad light in the eyes of the new coach Solari. For all these reasons, and a condition of poor shape that led him to have several kilos of overweight, Isco ended up on the edge of the technical project of Real Madrid. Solari, in order not to deploy it, gave confidence to the young Ceballos and Llorente.

In the week, there was the umpteenth quarrel between Isco and Solari. The new coach of Real Madrid did not want to convene him for the match in Rome but, on the advice of the management, he took him to the capital to avoid controversy that would have disturbed the harmony of the locker room but of course Isco did not come on the pitch. Almost certainly it will be sold in January.

What Isco had said after Ronaldo's departure and the start with Lopetegui

"Cristiano is an extraordinary player, he gives you 40-50 goals per season. If we win, they will say that we are missing, if we do not do it we will say that we can not do without it ".

"For now we are playing very well, players who did not score many goals last season, now they are scoring so many – added Isco – For now we are doing without, but Cristiano still wish the best" "Lopetegui and Luis Enrique are two great coaches. The idea of ​​football is practically the same, with few nuances, we have to adapt, but we are very happy "

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