Racist Buu in Kean, Balotelli and Sterling attack Bonucci heavily on Instagram

Buu razzisti a Kean, Balotelli e Sterling attaccano pesantemente Bonucci su Instagram

Racist Buu in Kean, Balotelli and Sterling attack Bonucci heavily on Instagram

CAGLIARI – After responding to the racist buu of Cagliari fans with a controversial exultation ( here the video ), Moise Kean wanted to have his say on Instagram: “The best way to respond to racism  #notoracism  ". Which translated into Italian means: “The best way to respond to racism. No to racism". Alongside Kean, many famous players have lined up: Balotelli, Koulibaly, Depay, Boateng, Sancho, Sterling, Mendy, Pjanic, Cancelo, Benatia and many others.

Racist Buu in Kean, Balotelli and Sterling take it out on Bonucci on Instagram.

Two of them, Sterling and Balotelli, took it heavily with Bonucci who at the end of the game said that the responsibilities for what had happened were to be divided between Kean and the Cagliari fans who had addressed racist insults to him. Balotelli wrote on Instagram: “Bravo  ! And to bonucci that his luck is that I was not there. Instead of defending yourself who does this? Mah I'm shocked I swear. Tvb friar! ". Sterling posted a story where he mocked Bonucci for statements about the fair division of the sins between Kean and the Cagliari supporters who had insulted him.

Alongside Moise Kean, against Leo Bonucci: Manchester City's English striker Raheem Sterling is just the latest play to have expressed solidarity with the Juventus striker, target of the racist howls of Cagliari fans. But Sterling, in a story published in his Instagram account, has also criticized the defender for stigmatizing Kean's exultation, with open arms under the curve of Cagliari supporters.

As Ansa writes, after the final whistle, Bonucci had divided the responsibilities of what happened to Sardinia Arena to 50%. A comment that Sterling did not like, who published a photo of Kean's incriminating exultation with the words of Bonucci ("50 and 50" guilt) and a series of ironic emoticons – between laughter and applause – with a message in lime: "All you can do is laugh". A few days ago Sterling was the protagonist of a similar episode, when in Montenegro – in a qualifying match for Euro 2020 – he was targeted by the home fans.

"Regardless of everything, no to racism". Thus, Leonardo Bonucci returns on Instagram to the racist buzz against Moise Kean. As Ansa explains, at the end of the match against Cagliari, the Juventus defender condemned the choirs, but he also beat his teammate.

"Kean also knows he could do something different. There was a 50% mistake between the curve and Moise ". Words that have received some criticism, on social media, so much so that the player has preferred to specify his position by publishing a photo that shows him with Kean in a blue shirt and his "no to racism". Without ifs and buts.

The racist Buu article to Kean, Balotelli and Sterling heavily attack Bonucci on Instagram seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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