Prime Minister Conte thunders: “Inappropriate opening of stadiums”. But the Napoli fans already go there… VIDEO

Premier Conte thunders: "Inappropriate opening of stadiums". But in Abruzzo the Napoli fans have already returned to the stadium.

The Premier Conte has openly sided against the reopening of the stadiums to fans during the feast of Fatto Quotidiano. Given that in Italy the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing. But there is one exception. The Abruzzo region has decided to lead the way by reopening the gates to the public. So the Napoli fans have already returned to the stadium.

In fact, the Napoli fans had the opportunity to attend live the first two matches of their favorite team, two friendly matches that took place in Castel Di Sangro.

Obviously it was not possible to occupy all the seats in the stands. Fans had to stand at a safe distance.

A bit like everywhere else. From the church to the benches of the shopping centers. Seats marked with an 'X' cannot be occupied, while those with a green tick are available.

Judging from these first two games, the experiment was successful. What is the point of reopening the stadiums in Abruzzo and not doing it in the remaining regions of Italy?

As you can see in this YouTube video, Napoli fans have already returned to the stadium. In fact in Castel Di Sangro it is allowed. In this video you can see both the stands and listen to the stadium choirs of the Campania fans (source YouTube, Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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