Postponed, the superclasic River-Boca bends to the madness of the fans

Rinviata, il superclasico River-Boca si piega alla follia dei tifosi

Postponed, the superclasic River-Boca bends to the madness of the fans

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – The president of Conmebol (the South American Uefa), Alejandro Dominguez, declared today that "there are no conditions today to play the final of the Libertadores River-Boca Cup ". Dominguez added that he will now return to Asuncion and that from there, after a thorough examination of the situation, "will announce the new date of the meeting".

The will of Boca and the health problems of the players were decisive

A team of lawyers was working until 5 am this morning (now in Argentina) in a room at the Hotel Madero in Buenos Aires, where Boca Juniors was waiting to see if he would play the Libertadores final against his cousins. of the River. The lawyers have focused all possibilities, including that ("which in Europe would have been the norm", according to a source from the club) of a table victory resulting in disqualification of the River.

Then there was the note that officially asked Conmebol not to play even today (which actually happened). The players were still shocked by the incident. None of them managed to fall asleep before 2am this morning and the players had to deal with the medical staff because, in addition to everything else, there was an issue that had to be clarified in case the game was played (what which then did not occur).

Seven players had to receive help after breathing tear gas and pepper spray: it is Tevez, Gago, Almendra, Cardona, Wanchope, Abila and Benedetto, and to treat them the doctors who were on the spot have given them corticoids, or substances included in the list of doping products. Gago in particular had an allergic reaction and for a few minutes he was badly seen.

Boca wondered what would happen if his players had undergone doping controls. La Conmebol, after an interview with the president of FIFA Gianni Infantino, who is in Buenos Aires and yesterday was at the stadium, decided to postpone the match to a date to be allocated.

The images of the Boca bus assault by River fans

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