Perin-Giorgia Miatto wedding show with Jerry Calà and Umberto Smaila

Perin-Giorgia Miatto matrimonio show con Jerry Calà e Umberto Smaila

Mattia Perin, Giorgia Miatto, Jerry Calà, Umberto Smaila and Pucci during the wedding of the Genoa goalkeeper (photo from Instagram)

BRESCIA – Mattia Perin, Genoa's new goalkeeper, married his historic girlfriend Giorgia Miatto in Brescia. The wedding party was an authentic show with the presence of Jerry Calà, Umberto Smaila, comedian Pucci and many footballers friends of the couple (from the social networks we noticed the presence of Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci and Leonardo Pavoletti but there were none also many others …).

After the wedding party, Mattia Perin wanted to thank everyone present with the following message posted on social networks: “A wonderful day. Thanks to those who have managed to make this day for us incredibly magical. Thanks to all those present you have made our wedding even more crazy ".

Mattia Perin decided to go back to wearing the Genoa shirt because Juventus found no more space after Gigi Buffon's return to the base from Paris Saint Germain.

Last year, Perin was Szczesny's deputy and some presence had managed to collect her. This year he had become the third goalkeeper behind the Pole and Buffon, and for this reason he decided to go play elsewhere, also in a national key.

Before this ruinous fall, Perin was considered one of the most promising goalkeepers on the national scene and had also won the blue shirt. Now he has decided to restart from Genoa, the club of which he had also been captain in the past before landing in black and white.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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