Pelé urgently hospitalized in Paris

Pelè hospitalized in Paris (photo Ansa)

Pelè hospitalized in Paris (photo Ansa)

PARIS – Pele was urgently hospitalized in Paris.

A feverish attack in the night, after meeting Kilyan Mbappè. Then in the early hours of the morning, admission to a hospital in the French capital. The diagnosis speaks of " tetany ", a condition also known as " spasmophilia " and which consists in the presence of hyperexcitability of the peripheral nerves with voluntary or involuntary contractions of the muscles.

At the moment O Rei does not appear to be in serious condition, spokesman Joe Fraga ensures that the hospitalization took place only for precautionary reasons, but Pelè is already 78 and a half years old and therefore no signal can be overlooked.


The Pele article hospitalized in an emergency in Paris seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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