Parma-Juventus, immediately a meaningless thing: D’Aversa forced to change his shirt

Parma Juventus D'Aversa cambia camicia ecco perché

Parma-Juventus, D'Aversa was forced to change his white shirt because he was confused with his players (photo Ansa)

PARMA – The championship started with a nonsensical thing. The referee forced D'Aversa, coach of Parma, to change his shirt because when he took to the sidelines he was confused with the players of his team. So D'Aversa returned to the locker room, took off his white shirt, and returned to the field with a blue shirt.

Everything good? But not even for a dream! Everything has changed to change nothing. Now that he has a blue shirt, D'Aversa is confused with the players anyway. No more with those of Parma but with those of Juventus who are playing with the blue jersey. This thing did not go unnoticed either by Sky commentators, or by users who laughed about it on social networks.

Parma-Juventus, the declarations of D'Aversa within hours of the match.

Everything is ready for Tardini for his league debut with Juventus. Stadium sold out, armored city, the challenge with the bianconeri is always special even if Roberto D'Aversa, a crusader, lives it with the spirit of always. "Even if Juventus arrives we must not distort our DNA, that is compactness and desire to fight not forgetting the greatest qualities of our group".

Is it better to face Juve in the first round of the season? "It is better to do it only when it has already won the championship or on the eve of major Champions matches. We must think only of ourselves, we can influence our future beyond the adversary ".

The choices the technician has already made. Parma will not change with respect to that seen Saturday on the pitch with Venezia in the Italian Cup. "We do not have the entire squad but this is not a problem because we are used to working with those we have available – explains D'Aversa – Juraj Kucka will start from the bench and Grassi is not yet one hundred percent" (source Ansa) .

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Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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