Parma, a positive in the staff. Team in isolation

A positive in the Parma staff. The team is now in solitary confinement.

A case of positivity at Covid-19 has been highlighted by exams at Parma Calcio.

It is the club itself to communicate it on its website, explaining that it is a "member (non-footballer) of the team group", completely asymptomatic and readily isolated according to federal and ministerial directives.

All the others were negative and started isolation in the sports center, but "they will be able to continue the activity regularly, constantly monitored according to the current protocol".

Cremona, the release of a nurse: “Here we go again. We have started to hospitalize Covid patients again "

A nurse from Cremona unleashes himself on Facebook: “Here we go again. We have started to hospitalize Covid patients again. ”

"Here we go again – the words of the Cremona nurse in a long Facebook post – We have started to hospitalize Covid patients with severe respiratory insufficiencies.

For now, this is limited, but the coronavirus does what it has to: infect new hosts to survive. "

"We human beings pretend that it doesn't exist, someone thinks it never existed," he underlines, but "the virus exists, has not magically disappeared, and is still reaping victims".

"Most people now think of the sea, the mountains, an aperitif with friends, a weekend trip – insists the nurse – In the meantime, we continue to do what we always do, even if we are no longer heroes, angels or any other honorific title.

The last patient of the first wave was discharged from our ward on June 30th.

8 days have passed. We are no longer Covid free, but it doesn't matter. "

The hope is that "everything that has happened will not be repeated, but no one can be sure of it, and whoever says otherwise is a resounding liar," adds the nurse, who takes it "with those who have no knowledge. of cause "and begins to" pontificate ".

"I caught Covid, even though I never had the symptoms – he concludes – but I don't feel at all calm". (Source: Ansa ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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