Paolo Bonolis against Wanda Nara: “Icardi? If you maneuver it as you see fit “

Paolo Bonolis

Paolo Bonolis, photo Ansa

ROME – Paolo Bonolis, interviewed by Radio Sportiva, gets angry with Wanda Nara for the Icardi affair:

"Against a crazy turnover like that of Suning, I believe that Icardi can be managed without major economic problems," Bonolis said. He has been offered high profile teams, but he is playing his game. He is a boy in the hands of a lady who knows how to play well with feelings . Wanda if he handles it as he sees fit ”.

Possible scenarios.

At Juventus? At Naples? At Rome? Stop at Inter? What will Mauro Icardi's future be? For now it is impossible to predict. Icardi, the Gazzetta said, has promised to Juventus. And, still at the time, Naples and Rome, have failed to make him change his mind.

To meet the leaders of Naples and Rome would have been Wanda Nara. Wanda Nara, however, who would have taken the time. In fact, the real goal of Icardi is Juventus.

Icardi takes time, but Inter wants to find a solution as soon as possible. So much so that Marotta, as always told by the Gazzetta, would have invited him to evaluate also the offers of Naples and Rome.

Source: Radio Sportiva, Il Corriere dello Sport, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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