Panucci: “I was a gas station attendant. Milan, school of life. Rome as a beautiful woman who leaves you … “

Panucci: "Ho fatto il benzinaio. Milan, scuola di vita. Roma come una bella donna che ti lascia..."

Panucci talks about his career: “Milan school of life, Rome? A beautiful woman who leaves you … "(photo Ansa)

ROME – Christian Panucci, coach and former footballer, among others, of Rome, Genoa and Milan, was interviewed by Simone Lo Giudice for During this interview, he talked about his early years as a footballer but also about his career as a coach. Panucci recalled with pleasure his experiences with the shirts of Rome and Milan.

Panucci, from petrol station to champion: here is his story.

When Panucci was a gas station attendant: “At 15 I left home because mom and dad didn't arrive at the end of the month and they argued a lot about it. At the time I lived 40 km from where I trained, but the team believed in me and took me to live in the boarding school.

I didn't want to ask my parents for money and then I went to the petrol station in Genova Pegli: they gave me 50 thousand lire a week. From that moment on, I started drawing in the youth sector up to the first team. At the time, I learned many things, including respect for money. I tried to never forget where I started from. "

His consecration with the Milan shirt: “At the time I had also started to earn some money … The Milan senators made me understand which was the right way because they were great professionals, exceptional workers. They will have glimpsed certain qualities in me and have helped me a lot.

I am grateful to them, to Berlusconi and to Galliani for the culture of work that they have transmitted to me and that I have carried throughout my career: arriving an hour before training, going home an hour later, making a healthy life and rest.

That team will never return to the history of football, that Milan has been a school of life. Ariedo Braida took me to exhibitions at the age of 19 to show me pictures and make me grow culturally. Berlusconi was an absolute champion together with Galliani and Braida: the Milan triad was unique. "

The love story with Roma: “I played for nine years in Rome and live here. I carry Rome in my heart, but I struggle to talk about it because it is like a woman you love and who has left you and whom you don't want to talk about. I always speak little of Rome because I love it.

For what I said yes, in the end I didn't go away for the fans: when I returned to the Olimpico with the Parma shirt they gave me a nice welcome. Someone in Rome did not behave well towards me "(source Simone Lo Giudice for

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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