Nations League, no final four for Italy: only 0-0 with Portugal, Immobile devours two goals

Nations League, niente final four per l'Italia: solo 0-0 con Portogallo, Immobile si divora due gol

Nations League, no final four for Italy: only 0-0 with Portugal, Immobile devours two goals (Ansa)

MILAN, STADIUM GIUSEPPE MEAZZA 'SAN SIRO' – Italy-Portugal 0-0. Nations League classification: Portugal 7 (Final Four), Italy 5 and Poland 1 (relegated to Serie B).

From a 0-0 to another, the result has not changed but the National team is. A year after the sad draw with Sweden cost the World, in the impressive return to San Siro the Azzurri manage to cancel the worst memories and confirm that they have started a new course, under the banner of the beautiful game, but taking the long-standing problem of the goal.

Against Portugal Immobile misfires, and it is not the only one with the aim tarnished in a beautiful but wasteful Italy, which sees the last chances of qualifying for the Nations League Final Four. The lights at San Siro are not only those of smartphones turned on by about 73 thousand spectators, enthused by the elaborate actions of a team that sometimes plays in memory.

The problem is in the area, because 14 shots were not enough to score a goal, which in any case would not have been enough to qualify the Azzurri to the next stage, achieved with an early turn by Portugal, which will face Poland without pressure. .

It is not over as the former # 1 of Figc Tavecchio hoped, returned to San Siro "serene" a year after the defeat, which was followed by his resignation but not those of the coach Ventura, and a post managed to his say so "dramatic". At his side the new president just elected, Gravina, to debut in a match that still closes the circle for five holders against Portugal in the field also against Sweden, and especially for those who that night was helpless on the bench: Insigne.

The Naples player is the player who turns on Italy with his first play, and also the public with the exhortations to raise the volume of cheering. Insigne left outside, attacking the Juventus Cancelo continuously and looking for the pits for his teammates.

And 'one of the key men of the game of Mancini, a maneuver that develops through the feet of Verratti and Jorginho, finds vent mainly to Immobile and the same Insigne, occasionally surprising thanks to the insertions in the space of Barella, while exploiting less Church of how much could it be.

Outside Fiorentina is the first blue shot after 2 ', at the start of a first half experienced all'arrembaggio from Italy, which has more opportunities to score but misses the target. Heavy the tap in high shot from Immobile to 5 ', after a parade on Insigne by Rui Patricio, good at 35' even on a shot of the attacker of Lazio. The compatriots of Cristiano Ronaldo are resigned to the idea of ​​defending themselves and restarting (34% of possession), in the first half they create a single danger, thwarted by Chiellini, in a crash on Bruma after 11 '.

The captain, 100 / a blue, confirms the defense column, much more precise than the other Juventus center, Bonucci: whistled (much more than the Portuguese anthem, with the blues and part of the audience to applaud) for his farewell to Milan, misses a few ball and 36 'goes close to the head goal.

In the second half Italy resumed aggressive, but with the fury of a mistake is likely to suffer insult from the interlocutor Joao Mario (23 '), just entered among the whistles of San Siro, and at 31' is Donnarumma to divert a shot of Carvalho. In the final Mancini inserts Lasagna for Immobile, Pellegrini for Verratti and Berardi for Chiesa, but the goal remains a taboo.

The report cards of Italy-Portugal

Italy-Portugal 0-0 in a Group 1 match of the Nations League. ITALY (4-3-3): Donnarumma 6.5, Florenzi 6, Bonucci 6, Chiellini 6, Biraghi 6.5, Verratti 6.5 (36 'st Pellegrini 6), Jorginho 6.5, Barella 6.5, Church 5.5 (42' st Berardi sv), Property 5 (29 'st Lasagna 5.5), Insigne 6 (1 Sirigu, 12 Cragno, 2 De Sciglio, 13 Acerbi, 15 Rugani, 21 Emerson, 5 Gagliardini, 23 Grifo, 20 Politano). All .: Mancini 6.5.

PORTUGAL (4-3-3): Patricio 6.5, Cancelo 6.5, Ruben Dias 6, Source 6, Mario Rui 6, Pizzi 6 (23 'st Joao Mario 6.5), Carvalho 6.5, Ruben Neves 5, Bernardo Silva 5.5, Andrè Silva 5 (45 'st Danilo sv), Bruma 5.5 (40' st Guerreiro sv) (22 Beto, 4 Neto, 21 Cedric, 8 Renato Sanches, 9 Eder, 15 Rafa Silva, 16 Fernandes, 17 Guedes). All .: Santos 6.

Referee: Makkelie (Netherlands) 6. Angles: 4-3 for Italy. Recovery: 2 'and 4'. Ammonites: Ruben Neves, Mario Rui, Cancelo, Jorginho, Bonucci, Church for a foul play. Spectators: about 73 thousand.

Chronicle and highlights of the match

94 'The match ended on a zero score. Portugal to the Nations Nations Final Four, Italy eliminated from the competition. The Azzurri have played better but Ciro Immobile has devoured two comfortable scoring opportunities and has not allowed the Azzurri to win the game.

87 '' Last change for the Italian National team. Outside Federico Chiesa and inside Domenico Berardi del Sassuolo.

84 'Personal action by Lorenzo Insigne, the Napoli striker shoots with power but fails to frame the mirror of the port of Portugal.

80 'Second change of Italy. Outside Marco Verratti and Lorenzo Pellegrini of Rome.

75 'Portugal near the advantage. André Silva's cross for William Carvalho, a powerful finish from the Portuguese and a great save from Donnarumma in a corner.

73 'First change of Italy, outside Ciro Immobile and inside the Udinese striker Kevin Lasagna.

62 'Conclusion on the flight of Barella on the cross of Biraghi, Mario Rui is good at rejecting the conclusion of the Cagliari player in the corner.

49 'Verratti crosses first intention for Federico Chiesa but the Fiorentina striker does not get there by a whisker and Mancini is desperate on the bench.

45 ' The first half ended on the result of zero to zero . Italy had two excellent scoring chances with Ciro Immobile but the Azzurri striker misjudged them.

34 'A beautiful Verratti filter for Real Estate. The Lazio striker showed up alone in front of Rui Patricio but, instead of overcoming him with a lob, he kicked him on wasting another convenient chance to score.

18 'Good initiative by Marco Verratti. The PSG midfielder overcame three opponents in dribbling and served an assist for Barella who shot the stars from a good position.

7 'Alessandro Florenzi came close. The right-back of the Roma took the time has Mario Rui and sought the goal with a nice diagonal that came out of a breath.

4 'Miracle of Rui Patricio on a stone from the distance of Insigne. On the rebound, Immobile missed a simple goal by kicking the stars with the Portuguese goalkeeper still on the ground.

3 'The first opportunity is for Italy. Federico Chiesa's cross shot was deflected for a corner by Mario Rui.

1 'Immediately you whistle for Leonardo Bonucci ( deepening here ). The Milan supporters present at San Siro did not forgive him for the way he left the Rossoneri to return to Juventus.

The imprecation of Lorenzo Insigne after an opportunity missed by Italy

A great starting point for Lorenzo Insigne

The goal devoured by Ciro Immobile

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The official formations of Italy-Portugal
Italy (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Biraghi, Chiellini, Bonucci, Florenzi; Barella, Jorginho, Verratti; Insigne, Building, Church.

Portugal (4-4-2): Rui Patricio; Cancelo, Fonte, Ruben Dias, Mario Rui; William, Ruben Neves, Pizzi, Bernardo Silva; Bruma, André Silva.

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