National, Mancini’s case breaks out: the technician kept in the dark by Lippi’s new role

The relationship between the president of the FIGC Gravina and the coach of the National Roberto Mancini will never be the same. The reason is Marcello Lippi.

Gravina and the former world champion technical commissioner would meet to define Lippi's new role in the national team, that of the technical director .

A choice that the current blue coach Mancini would not have liked. The latter has nothing against Lippi, but he would have liked to have been involved or at least advised before the meeting was celebrated.

As Corriere dello Sport writes, Mancini thought he was at the center of the activities of the FIGC and now he risks losing strength especially in matters concerning the national youth teams that he previously managed personally.

"I have nothing to say or comment," said Mancini himself, who has three important offers from the Premier League but who dreams of winning the European Championship with the national team.

The immediate divorce is not in the plans but it is no longer taken for granted that the coach will bring the Azzurri to the next World Cup.

Already during the Tavecchio management, the FIGC had approached Lippi to give him an operational role alongside Ventura, reported and sponsored by the former coach.

An operation did not go through because the federal president and his collaborators had not remembered that the rules prevented a technician who had a son attorney in business from giving a blue assignment. (source SPORT COURIER )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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